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  • Chores & Checklists
    Quickly make a weekly chore chart, an after school checklist, or a morning routine checklist for your kids.
  • Grocery List
    Kids love having their own picture grocery list, and you'll be surprised how much they can help you shop.
  • Mazes
    If your child can't ever get enough mazes, try these printable mazes that are generated automatically at all skill levels. Unlimited mazes!
  • Bingo For All Occasions
    Infinite bingo boards for car trips, plane trips, restaurants, the grocery store, the soccer field, the basketball court - you name it!
  • Letter Tracing
    Kids can practice writing all their letters and numbers. Then try having them practice writing their name, address, and telephone number.
  • Word Search
    5x5 or 15x15, you can generate a themed word search puzzle or make your own. Great for practicing spelling words.
  • Coloring Pages
    Over 300 printable coloring pages. You can print your own themed coloring book!
  • Magnetic Checklist
    Create personalized magnets for a morning checklist or after school chore chart.
  • Lunch Box Checklist
    Teach your child to pack a healthy lunch all by themselves.
  • Mobile Grocery List
    Quickly create an interactive shopping list with pictures to keep kids engaged (and helping!) at the grocery store.
  • Count On It
    A scavenger hunt for any occasion. Spot items from the car window, at a sibling's basketball game, at a restaurant - surprisingly fun for the whole family.
  • Packing List
    Even very young kids can help pack for a trip with this picture packing list for kids.
  • Personalized Math Practice
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice that meets your child at their level.
  • Crossword Puzzles
    Picture clues are a fun way to practice first letter sounds and spelling.
  • Slug Bug
    Entertaining on road trips and even just around town. Keep track of points, and even learn some simple graphing skills in the process!
  • License Plate Game
    Keep your whole family entertained on road trips. Print a map too (US and Canada) to locate each state or province as you go.
  • Tic Tac Toe
    Carry these printable tic tac toe boards with you to keep your kids entertained anywhere you go.
  • Custom List
    Make a chore list, a homework checklist, a list of library books to find - the possibilities are endless.
  • Room Cleaning Checklist
    Break down the job into manageable steps with this room cleaning checklist for kids.
  • Drawing Clips
    These printable drawing pages will get your child's creative juices flowing on your next family trip. What do YOU think the tooth fairy looks like?
  • First Letter Sounds
    Challenge your child to find an item nearby that begins with each letter. Each time you print it you'll get a different set of letters to practice those first letter sounds.
  • Write a Story
    A printable story template that lets kids use their imaginations to write stories and draw pictures. Easily create a little book for your budding author!
  • Battleship
    As fun as the board game with no little pieces!
  • Dots and Boxes
    Connect the dots to make boxes before your opponent does. This classic game will do a great job keeping your kids entertained anyplace you go.
  • Secret Messages
    Is your child a budding spy? Set the level to easy or extreme, and see if they can crack the code. You can even write your own message!
  • Doodles
    Get those creative juices flowing with these printable doodle drawings for kids. Hand them some doodles and see what they create!
  • Hangman
    A classic for keeping your kids entertained anywhere you go. The printed alphabet makes it easier for younger players to see what letters they can still try.
  • Design a License Plate
    Some creative fun for your next road trip.
  • Sudoku
    4x4, 6x6 and 9x9. Even young children can get started learning sudoku, and it's great number and problem solving practice!
  • School Schedule
    Use it for homeschooling or as a visual support for kids with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, and other special needs.
  • Driving Directions
    Keep your child busy in the car by letting them give you directions.
  • School Supplies
    Your kids will be excited to be in charge of their school supply shopping.
  • Potty Training Checklist
    Help ensure good habits with this potty training checklist.

Lots of printable activities for kids - picture checklists to keep them on track, activities for at the grocery store, in the car, on a plane, at a restaurant, even for your home schooling adventures. Optional kid-sized clipboard and 4-color pen make it easy to use the activities on the go.

All Activities

Price: $14.95

Unlimited editing and printing of all current and future Trip Clip® Activities

5 Activities

Price: $4.95

Unlimited editing and printing of 5 Trip Clip® Activities. After purchase you can choose your five.

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The Trip Clip® - Morning Checklist, Travel Activities, Car Games, Chore Chart, Picture Grocery List, Word Search, Mazes, Picture Crossword Puzzles, Travel Bingo & More
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