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Hello! I created The Trip Clip® when I needed something to keep my kids busy at the grocery store. When I realized how much they liked having their own list and clipboard, I started creating more Activities to keep them busy at restaurants, on road trips, on plane trips, even at each other's soccer games. Check out all the printable activities for kids that The Trip Clip® has to offer.


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Chores & Checklists
I have created lists like this before using clip art and word docs. But this makes it SO easy. Worth the money, if only just because this saves me the time of doing it myself!
-- CKC, May 30, 2013

Grocery List
I find it fairly exhausting to shop with three kids, but it's the way I shop 90% of the time. Giving the boys a clip board with a list of things to help me find has improved ALL of our outlooks about it. I think it helps them feel independent and important.
-- Alissa, Creative With Kids, Feb 12, 2012

Our boys (6&4) LOVE mazes!! Love that they are so diverse in their levels of difficulty and that they're different each time! :)
-- Kerri, May 31, 2013

Travel Bingo
One of our favorite Trip Clip games! This keeps my boys occupied for long car rides.
-- Carrie, April 14, 2013

Letter Tracing
This has helped my son alot! I love that you can edit and create your own. I did one for his full name and also our address and phone number - love these!!!
-- Kelly, June 19, 2012

Packing List
We love the packing eldest used it last year when he was 5 and he was so proud he could pack his own clothes for our vacation! I am planning to use this again this year, also.
-- Stefanie, June 30, 2013

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3-12 Years

6x9 - fits half sheet of paper

The Trip Clip® - Travel Activities, Car Games, Chore Charts, Grocery List, Word Searches, Mazes, Picture Crossword Puzzles, Travel Bingo & More
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