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There are lots of different ways to use these bingo boards!

  1. 5 in a row: Have your kids find 5 in a row (across, up and down, or diagonally) to win.
  2. Fill the board: For more of a challenge, have them try to find every item on the board.
  3. Time them: If they want to turn it into a game, time them to see how long it takes them to find 5 in a row, or find everything on the board. Then see if they can beat their time the next time.
  4. How many? You can also make it competitive by giving them a board each time you get in the car, and count how many they can find by the time you get to your destination (or by the time the food comes at the restaurant, or by the time you board your airplane, etc.)
  5. Cooperative multiplayer: If you have multiple kids, print the same board, and have them work together to find everything on the board.
  6. Competitive multiplayer: If you have multiple kids, give each one a different board, and see who can find five in a row first.
  7. Competitive multiplayer 2: Or, if you have multiple kids, give each one their own board, and see who can find them all first. If no one finds them all, the person who finds the most wins.
  8. Want more ideas? Try these very versatile Alphabet Bingo ideas, or these Chores Bingo ideas!
  9. Have your own ideas? Please send them to me!
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