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Due to a number of toy recalls and safety issues in the past few years, new laws have been passed to ensure that the toys our kids play with are safe. The Trip Clip has undergone and passed the necessary safety testing. Here are the details of that testing:


Some plastics contain an ingredient called phthalates that can be harmful if ingested by children. This is mostly a concern for items that children put in their mouths, like pacifiers and bottles, but all toys that could be placed in the mouth (like a corner of The Trip Clip, or The Trip Clip pen) need to be tested for phthalates.

The Trip Clip® clipboard was tested for phthalates by Berkeley Analytical. The clipboard did not contain any of the 6 phthalate esters of concern (448-001-01-PHTHLT-Sep1809). The full report can be found here:

The Trip Clip Phthalates Test Results
The Trip Clip Certificate of Conformity

The Trip Clip® pen was tested for phthalates by the original manufacturer, DK Grand International Corporation. Proof of compliance can be found here:

Certification of Compliance

Pen String

WARNING: The string connecting the pen to clipboard is a possible strangulation hazard. The string can be detached from the pen for use by small children. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

CPSIA Website

For more information about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, click here

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