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20 morning routine magnets with pictures and a magnetic to do / done boardMagnetic To Do /  Done board with child’s name at top and morning routine magnets
red circle with white number 1 in the middleset-up



2 7x1 vertical VELCRO strips: Good Morning! with 7 pictures under it, Welcome! with 7 pictures under it

These 7x1 vertical boards are changeable visual schedules that can be individualized and hung by the front door, on school cubbies, or slipped into a child’s folder to carry with them during their school day. Visual schedules are especially helpful for kids with Autism. You can read more here.

These visual schedules can be laminated and used with The Trip Clip's pre-printed hook & loop picture clips.. You can also make your own picture clips using any of The Trip Clip's picture list activities.

I also offer some other form factors to use with the magnets or Velcro picture clips. You can use them with a To Do / Done board, or use them with a First→Then board.

If you have other ideas for templates you'd like me to offer, please email me with your suggestions!

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