There are more than 30 activities to choose from! You'll find 12 picture checklists you can edit, print, and use on a mobile device, printable travel activities for great tech free travel, and printable educational activities that you can easily customize to your child's age and abilities.
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There are currently 34 web-based Activities available on The Trip Clip® website. Once you own an activity, you will have unlimited, lifetime access to it from this website. You can edit and print an owned activity as many times as you want.
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PICTURE CHECKLISTS    Choose from over 1000 images, then print, go mobile, or make individual picture clips

Morning routine picture checklist for kids Picture checklist of bedtime routine for kids Picture checklist with clipart showing a weekly after school checklist for kids Picture checklist with chores for kids Picture grocery shopping list: bananas, apples, fish, eggs, milk Picture checklists to teach a kid to clean any room in just 8 steps Picture checklist of a school schedule for kids Picture checklist so kids can pack for your next trip Picture checklist organized by food categories to help kids pack their own healthy lunch Picture checklist showing the steps for how to brush teeth Picture checklist showing the steps for social distancing Picture checklist so kids can help do back to school shopping Magnetic To Do /  Done board with child’s name at top and morning routine magnets


Custom picture checklist for kids that lets you enter your own items

Access all clipart on one list
Change the picture at the top

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Picture Checklists

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All Lists & Custom List

TRAVEL ACTIVITIES    Customize each activity to make it harder or easier

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Travel Starter Pack

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All Travel Activities

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES    Customize each activity to make it harder or easier

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Educational Activities

Usually $9.95, you can get this bundle free right now to help while schools are limited due to COVID-19.

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Complete access to all The Trip Clip® lists, travel games, and educational activities

Other Ideas For You:

  • Clipboard Bundle

    Lots of printable activities for kids — picture checklists to keep them on track, activities for at the grocery store, in the car, on a plane, at a restaurant, even for your home schooling adventures. Optional kid-sized clipboard and 4-color pen make it easy to use the activities on the go.

    Clipboard, 4-color pen, and picture checklists

  • Magnet Bundle

    Find out how capable your kids are with this Magnetic Checklist from The Trip Clip. Perfect for setting up a morning routine, an after school checklist, a bedtime routine, or a chore chart. You can even easily print your own magnets!

    To Do/Done board and 20 starter magnets

  • Hook & Loop Bundle

    8x10 laminated sheet, Sophia in green at top, 20 hook and loop circles

    To Do/Done board and 20 starter picture clips

  • Display Ideas

    Try these great suggestions for displaying your using your printed picture checklist.

    Frame it, laminate it, stick it, and more

  • The Trip Clip® - Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, After School Checklist, Chore Chart, Picture Grocery List, Mazes, Car Bingo, Travel Activities, & More
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