Make a Hook & Loop Checklist For Your Kids White hook and loop To Do / Done Board with Sophia in green at the top20 morning routine picture clips for kidsChoose a picture and write any text to create a hook & loop checklist for your kidsPrintable learning activities like letter tracing, math, crosswords and cryptograms you can customize and print.kid-sized clipboard or phone with lots of different picture checklistsPrintable travel activities: packing list, BINGO, mazes, word search, coloring, crosswords, license plates and more
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The Hook & Loop Bundle comes with a laminated To Do / Done Board, your choice of 20 morning, school schedule, after school, bedtime, or chore picture clips, and the ability to make 70 more of your own.

To Do/Done Board

A laminated 8x10 hook & loop To Do/Done board with your child's name printed at the top in their favorite color. Twenty hook & loop circles will be pre-affixed to the board.

Buy alone for $9.95.

One Trip Clip Activity

You'll pick from the Morning Routine, the School Schedule Activity, the After School Checklist, the Bedtime Routine, or the Chore Chart Activity. You'll get a set of 20 pre-printed picture clips, and also the ability to use The Trip Clip® website to make additional custom picture clips of your own design.

Pre-Printed Picture Clips
You'll get a set of 20 pre-printed, 1-inch, laminated, hook & loop picture clips.

Additional packs can be added to your purchase for $3.95 each.

Print Your Own Picture Clips

You'll also get an an accout on this webite and ownership of the activity, allowing you to make your own picture clips. Each activity comes with hundreds of images to choose from. You can choose an image, write your own text, and print up to 35 picture clips of your own design on regular paper. The hook & loop bundle also comes with 2 self-laminating sheets and 70 hook & loop circles so you can turn your words and pictures into custom picture clips.

Click here for detailed printing instructions

You can also purchase the ability to print your own picture clips ($8.95) and additional self-laminating sheets ($3.95) independently.

As an added bonus, you'll have full access to whichever activity you choose. This means you can create your own picture checklists too that can be printed or used on a mobile device.

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Price: $18.95

Hook & Loop Bundle


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