6x9 clipboard with attached pen and printable travel activities for kids on trips and errands.
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My kids really enjoy checking off all the items on the list! What a great way to help them do what they need to do. I love that you can edit the text that goes with the picture to make it work for what you want.' --Joanna

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Customer Reviews (38)

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
May 15, 2020

- Morning Routine -Kasie
Making lists for my children is so easy with The Trip Clip! I was really happy to see that I could use the mobile option. I use an iPad for my kids to mark off on their lists and they carry it around as they complete their tasks. So far it has been a lifesaver for me!! My kids are empowered to get themselves ready for school, finish chores after school, and get ready for bed. The website also has great printouts for creating your own activity books! I%u2019m excited to make some for our upcoming trip!
Nov 22, 2019

- Morning Routine -Milia
The Trip Clip is one of the most helpful resources I've ever used for my children!! Molly has put on here such helpful images for chart-making. I actually use this for myself as a mom so I can just go down my list of pictures and check things off. She also has been SUPER-helpful in accommodating my requests for some odd things. She got back to me every time within 24 hours or less, which wasn't necessary but extremely appreciated. I HIGHLY recommend this website and have personally been using it for a few years now! Thank you so much, Molly :-) !!
May 15, 2019

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Love this!! One comment would be, I would love to be able to make a reward list. I know I probably could customize to make that happen but I wouldn't need the boxes next to each reward. It would be more like 3 chores = ice cream sunday 10 chores = trip to the museum. Something like that!
Mar 06, 2019

- Morning Routine -Alex
Great tool for little ones. Very easy to use and the pictures make it easy for the kids to understand. Thanks!
Nov 15, 2018

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Nov 15, 2018

- Morning Routine -Sel
Please have more templates to choose.

Also, please have features on the site to allow parents to share the template that worked for them effectively. It can help other parents as well.
Jul 06, 2018

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Jun 30, 2018

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Feb 25, 2018

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Nov 03, 2017

- Morning Routine -Christy
I was able to create a perfect little checklist for my non reader to help him get ready for preschool with out me being a nag.
Sep 06, 2017

- Morning Routine -Heidi
This is so simple to use. It has given my children the freedom to know what is expected of them without me designing something complicated from scratch!
Apr 25, 2017

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Great tool for young kids and/or those with ADHD (or similar). LOVE that the pictures can be renamed. Also love that you can add your own activity (though being able to add own picture would make it even better). Well thought out, easy to use. Thanks!
Sep 11, 2016

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Sep 08, 2016

- Morning Routine -ModernPioneer
My 3 boys need uncluttered visual charts but also need to work on reading skills--this has both!
Also, I wanted my Kindergartener to follow the same routine as his big brothers instead of overflowing my fridge with multiple charts.
One of my boys has low executive functioning and relies heavily on charts to work through his day, but other websites were always lacking in options--this saves me from hand making checklists! Amazing!

Aug 31, 2016

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Aug 29, 2016

- Morning Routine -Super Awesome Happy home!
I have 4 children and a few of them struggle with staying on task. This stops the constant nagging from me. I find the visual stimulus engages participation and allowing me to edit the words has given me full flexibility over this easy to use list and website as a whole.
I am a customer from Australia and found the delivery very smooth.
We also love the checklist for packing when we go away, it saves me time and sanity!
Thank you for making this tool so very affordable as its worth a hounded times more due to the features mentioned already.
One addition i would like to see is a reward path/chart.

Oh! The workbooks and ability to add an activity to the blank page is brilliant.

Jan 24, 2016

- Morning Routine -Bee
I was looking for something like this and spent hours to find not really fitting solutions on the internet. I am very happy to have found this website now. I threw away all the other lists. Finally everything fits. Bought the whole bundle. Thanks a lot!
Jan 22, 2016

- Morning Routine -Charity
I search all over the internet and finally found this wonderful website!! It has been a blessing to our family!! I homeschool our three children and needed a chore/school picture checklist to keep myself and the children on task and motivated. It has helped me keep the house clean and organized! We have even made a magnetic game chart to go along with the checklists. I have three checklist for each child; morning, afternoon, and evening. Our checklist have two columns on each page. They contain all the chores and school subjects to complete on the three charts in order that they need to complete them. The children get a point for each column on the page they complete. If they get their chores or school checklist done first they get a extra point! If they do there checklist items the first time I ask, with a happy heart, they get another point. If they fight or argue with their sibling they get a point taken away.
Jan 05, 2016

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Dec 07, 2015

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Jun 26, 2015

- Morning Routine -Catherine
We have definitely been enjoying, and reaping the benefits of, our morning routines and after school routines. My son actually wakes early so he can begin checking off his list! With three children off to school/daycare in the mornings it has really helped immensely. Our children leave for school with a feeling of accomplishment before they even start their day, and I am less stressed when not having to repeat myself endlessly.

I can't say enough about how easy they are to customize to each child, and the pictures are such that our 3 year old was 'reading' like a pro. Anyone with a child who loves routine or who really needs to know what is expected of them will definitely benefit from these lists.
Mar 19, 2015

- Morning Routine -Jenn
I love these lists!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Something that I can customize for all of our ever changing situations. The games were just an added bonus :)
Mar 19, 2015

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Sep 11, 2014

- Morning Routine -Joanna
LOVE THIS! My kids now have morning and evening checklists to help them remember the stuff that's hard for them (my daughter never remembers to throw her pull-up in the trash, and none of us remembered to have pick out clothes for the next day).

They really enjoy checking off all the items on the list! What a great way to help them do what they need to do. I love that you can edit the text that goes with the picture to make it work for what you want.

My little girl (age 4) doesn't read, but she remembers what each picture means after we explained it to her--they are pretty clear.

I also printed a weekend chore list--we haven't tried that one yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Apr 26, 2014

- Morning Routine -Kacie H
This is fantastic! I love not having to ask twice about brushing hair or teeth before school. Raising responsible children just got easier!
Mar 05, 2014

- Morning Routine -Jenny
This is great for the ADHD Parent!... It's very helpful so my daughter does not fall into the same trap. I want her to have direction. Now while I go through my 'grown-up' checklist she is very proud to have her own checklist. She also feels a great sense of accomplishment. Very, very happy with these tools. Try it, it can't hurt only help, very useful!
Oct 20, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Very helpful with organizing school schedule and activities for young children.
Sep 24, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Sep 09, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
I am using this with my ADHD children and it is saving our sanity (and teaching them organization)
Sep 03, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Aug 15, 2013

- Morning Routine -Olga
I absolutely love how easy it is to make and edit lists. There are activities on here that I didn't even think to add! Before I knew about this site, I was planning on making my own but this is just perfect!!
Jul 22, 2013

- Morning Routine -CKC
I have created lists like this before using clip art and word docs. But this makes it SO easy. Worth the money, if only just because this saves me the time of doing it myself! Can't wait to try other activities. Thanks!
May 30, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Mar 27, 2013

- Morning Routine -Anonymous
Mar 28, 2012

- Morning Routine -Alissa
I really like this idea but I wish it was a little more flexible so you could rename the pictures. Otherwise it's great.
Mar 09, 2012

- Morning Routine -Mommy2rr
I use these charts with my 2 year old & 5 year old. It's great because I can customize it to their age.
Mar 09, 2012

- Morning Routine -N Lacey
We have been using the checklists for 2 years and it works perfectly. We (or should I say they) are visual learners and seeing the pictures works much better than me shouting. I'm going to update their lists now that they have developed skills to complete more tasks. Thanks for empowering parents with this great product!
Feb 07, 2012

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