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Occasionally I hear from customers who have used The Trip Clip® in new and creative ways. Here are their great ideas!

  • Meghann from Minnesota

    Meghann used The Trip Clip to created a combined daily and weekly checklist for her kids.

    “I love your lists. I print a daily list and put it on the left, then I print weekly chores and orient them to the right of the page. It’s a bit of cutting after printing, but gets everything on one page for the kiddos! I might print one more thing for my oldest (10) to remind her of her monthly and quarterly intentions and goals. ” –Meghann

  • Mrs H From Washington

    A teacher from Washington used the school schedule activity to make this checklist for her families to use at home this week since we are doing remote learning.

    “I am making a check list to help them mark when they have completed an activity. We are required to show both what we have offered and who has connected. ” –Mrs H

  • Lindsey from Arizona

    Lindsey used the free cleaning checklists to organize her kids' chores

    “We are ready for spring break/social distancing/getting-our-sh**t-together-so-momma-doesn’t-lose-her-mind!” — Lindsey

  • Heidi from Virginia

    Heidi used the school schedule activity to make a homework tracker:

    “I have been a member for YEARS now…. started when my ADHD/Autistic/gifted boy was young, and now he’s old, and now using this with my ADHD/Autistic/Gifted girl to try to get her homework in order. [This] is a listing of my daughters ODD day and EVEN day schedules, with a space under each subject for her to write her homework in. Going to try this instead of the agenda the school gave her…. it may be less overwhelming.” — Heidi

  • Natalie from Ontario, CA

    Natalie turned a complicated school assignment into a simple checklist

  • Kelli from Idaho

    Kelli made a magnetic checklist using cookie sheets:

    “My kids were really excited to see their to do charts! We are now ready for school to start!”

  • Cindy from California

    Cindy made a magnetic whiteboard checklist:

    “Our boards are up! Thank you! My kids love the magnets. I bought these boards: Board Dudes Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board 8.5 x 11 Inches (DDT37) (click here) Then I bought these removable hanging strips so I could put them on our wall: Command Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack, Medium, White, 12-Pairs (17204-12ES) (click here) We added a bottom row for After School to-dos. My kids wrote their name and decorated as they chose. (My daughter is in Kindergarten, son in 3rd grade). ”

  • A teacher from Washington

    A teacher from Washington made license plate name tags for her classroom

  • Traci from Colorado

    Traci made a visual VELCRO checklist for kids on the Autism Spectrum

    “I know your product was not originally intended for special needs kids, but I just want to say how much I love having it at my fingertips for use with children that are on the Autism spectrum. I’ve made many visual schedules/checklists by slightly modifying your product from its original intended use. I used the weekly chore chart option to print all the pictures I needed for [my daughter’s] daily schedule, but I wanted movable pieces. Once I printed, I cut the pictures apart to make individual pieces, laminated them, and attached them with velcro. Many of the pieces I used the custom feature to make them more specific.”

  • Heather from Washington

    Heather made a magnetic checklist using a cookie sheet:

    “I went to the local thriftshop and picked up a cookie sheet for $1.00 (I brought a magnet with me to make sure it was magnetic). You can buy yours here. Then, I spray-painted it a bright “you can’t ignore me” yellow and screwed it to the wall. I am not exaggerating when I say that it worked like magic! Not only are my kids motivated to clear off their “To Do” column, but it is a great reminder for me about what they are supposed to have done. ”

  • Robin from Texas

    Robin made a picture grocery list

    “We LOVE Trip Clip!! It gives my early reader reading practice in a practical “real world” way, and gives her a helpful role during grocery shopping. WARNING: with all the word practice, they may edit your list. Haha”

  • Nanveet from Ontario, CA

    Nanveet made multiple checklists for her kids to use through the day.

    “I finally finished the routine checklists that have been on my to do list a long time. Going to laminate and then ready to use!! I used templates from @thetripclip . The website is really easy to use. It has 2 different subscription levels. Go check them out!!!”

  • Nicole from Idaho

    Nicole made morning and bedtime magnet boards

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