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This airport bingo board is a great way to fill the time between security and boarding the plane. This is one of my kids' favorites Trip Clip Activities. You can even edit the board, and print a new one for each trip. Try it with a kid clipboard from!

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Customer Reviews (5)

- -Joanna
We went on a 4-hour road trip last week. Printed two bingo cards for each family member (except my husband, who was driving!). I gave us all copies of the same card so that we could work together as a team to find the items (instead of kids fighting!). I love that you can replace individual items on the card (I replaced a few that I knew we were unlikely to encounter). We probably used up a good two hours of the 4-hour trip. AWESOME!
Apr 26, 2014

- -Anonymous
Jul 20, 2013

- -Carrie
One of our favorite Trip Clip games! This keeps my boys occupied for long car rides.
Apr 14, 2013

- -Heidi
My kids have always loved this activity. Very engaging and the kids tend to work together while doing it.
Feb 11, 2012

- -Malia
BINGO is fun and keeps the kiddos engaged. I really like to use this activity when we have a long car ride. It keeps my kid's brains working and cuts down on the screen time. It's awesome!
Feb 11, 2012

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