6x9 clipboard with attached pen and printable travel activities for kids on trips and errands.
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I've been using The Trip Clip for years to make visual schedules for my son with special needs. Besides the usual Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, etc I've used it for things like 'Steps to Using the Bathroom.' I like this activity with a wide variety of options because sometimes I need unusual schedules. --Robin

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Customer Reviews (17)

- -Anonymous
really great for the kids. i have 5 children
Aug 29, 2020

- -Roxanne
I have four kids and they are all on different school schedules and I have to keep them all busy learning while they are off track and their siblings are distance learning.
Aug 19, 2020

- -Andrea
I have always made list and labels for my children (and students, when I taught). I would make these and they were very time consuming putting them in a list form. This had made it super easy for my kids to do their morning and bedtime routines and it is easy for me to customize each one quickly. Also, Molly (owner) has been super responsive to my inquiries about the product and my suggestions. Wonderful customer service and product.
Apr 22, 2020

- -Anonymous
So simple to use and keeps our family organized especially with 3 kids at home being home schooled :)
Apr 13, 2020

- -retromamma
I think the basic lists are great, but I wanted a little more customization so I could gear each one to different kids' ages. I still haven't used up all my paid activities, but feel I got my money's worth already. In fact, Molly replied to me via email super quick when I was looking for a specific icon. Money and space saving tip: print 2 lists to a page, trim extra paper from the edge, affix a magnet (for fridge use), get laminated and cut the two lists apart. I should post a pic to pinterest where we keep our various chore and routine lists. The one I made to earn electronics time has 100% turn kids behavior around. They are self motivated now and jump to complete the tasks. I think it helps them SEE how they contribute and reinforce their role as a member of the family. I may even add 'make mom coffee' as a funny version to swap out on April Fool's day (I have all kinds of ideas, like 'steal socks' and 'bark at cars' for the dog's list).
Jan 02, 2020

- -Stephanie
Wanted to do an updated review on this. After posting my 2 star review Molly from TripClip emailed me to discuss my concerns. Never once in the email did she backlash or speak negatively regarding my review but instead took it all as 100% constructive criticism. She genuinely cares about her clients and her work. She laid out options to try and help rectify how I felt which I thought was awesome. I still wish I would have only gotten the custom list and not wasted my activity purchases on other lists, her customer service is great and felt that a updated review was needed.
Mar 08, 2019

- -Alexa
I have been looking for a website like The Trip Clip that is user friendly with many options/tools - so happy to have found this one! I love all the different charts you can quickly put together or easily customize your own, that includes awesome clipart. You can change the wording on the clipart too, which I haven't found on any other site so far. Molly has great customer service and is quick to help. I highly recommend this website!
Feb 08, 2019

- -Anonymous
Jan 29, 2019

- -Alicia G
So easy to use to make a cool picture routine for our days!! I'm hoping to use these to eliminate a lot of the 'what am I supposed to do?' questions plus keep our homeschool days on track!
Dec 23, 2018

- -Uliana Scott
Great website ! The lists are so easy to use and if you can't find an item you are looking for , email to Molly and she adds it pretty quick :)
Downloads in PDF and a very good quality! Great $5 spent :)
Oct 26, 2018

- -Sarah
Great list options, easy to create, and really helpful customer support when I had issues.
Oct 02, 2018

- -Anonymous
Jul 18, 2018

- -Jo
These lists are wonderful! I just discovered the 'You can have screen time after you:' list and modified it for my kids. No more begging for screen time until after work and non-screen play are done!
Jan 22, 2018

- -Rachel
I have been using Trip Clip for my family for over a year now. I am so glad that I found it. It has made making chore charts, trip charts, homeschool charts, and many other charts I won't bore you with so much easier. LOL My children look for the lists and remind me if I forget to put their daily charts out. I have 4 kids and it keeps all of us in line.

Molly is quick to reply when you contact her. As long as this is available I will be using it. I have also shared this with all my friends.

If there was a way to share pics of how I use some of my charts I would. Thank you so much for this wonderful organizational tool!!!
Nov 10, 2017

- -Christine

The lists won't save correctly, do not load smoothly, and just are generally a pain. Should have saved the $5 and created the list in word.

The list it is printing is not the list that was most recently updated. Super annoying!!!
Jun 07, 2017

- -Robin
I've been using TripClip for years to make visual schedules for my son with special needs. Besides the usual Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, etc I've used it for things like 'Steps to Using the Bathroom.'

I like this activity with a wide variety of options because sometimes I need unusual schedules. Today I used it to make a 'What to Do When Mama Has a Nosebleed' sheet. I'm on blood thinners and had a nosebleed that turned into a hemorrhage a week ago and I've been bleeding on and off since then and had to go back to the doctor (though thankfully not the hospital!) The kids and I have been anxious about being alone and my husband is going out of town.

So I made a visual schedule of what they should do (call Daddy if Mama hasn't already, go potty, get dressed, put on shoes, get tablet from charger, be ready to go to doctor's office). We're all feeling a lot better now!
Jul 02, 2016

- -Anonymous
Oct 24, 2013

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