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What a GREAT idea! I usually dread the grocery shopping and try to get through it as quickly as possible with my 3 kids. I used The Trip Clip Grocery List for the first time yesterday and it made the trip more fun for them AND for m! Yay! --Kari

Make grocery shopping with your kids easier by engaging them in the process. Put them in charge of part of the list with a picture grocery list, or try some other fun and educational grocery related activites. You can print a packet of free grocery activities right now to get started. They work great with a small clipboard.

    • Counting
    • Letter recognition
    • Reading
    • Finding/comparing prices
    • Weigh produce, calculate price
    • Reading nutrition labels
    • more...

  • Grocery bingo promotes letter recognition and simple reading skills. Aim for a BINGO, or black out the whole board on longer trips. For a challenge, kids can count how many they find of each item.
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  • With a kid-sized clipboard your kids can run the grocery list and get in some handwriting and spelling practice at the same time. Have them match their words to the signs for each item as you find it.

  • Grocery shopping turns into a science experiment and graphing practice with this simple counting game. Make predictions ahead of time for which item you'll see most often!

  • Have kids find an item that begins with each letter. They will be practicing first letter sounds, writing, and spelling!

  • Make a custom word search puzzle with your grocery list on it. See if you can find the item on the shelf before your child finds it in the puzzle. Promotes spelling and word recognition.

  • You can enter any language you want for some simple foreign language practice with your grocery list. Google translate will help you do this even if you don't speak the language - try it in French one week, and Chinese the next!

  • Teaches:
    • Find each letter on a sign. Mix it up with lower and upper case letters.
    • Find any item that starts with each letter. Write it down for writing/spelling practice.
    • Find all letters in a row or column on one sign.

  • Social etiquette at the grocery store can be hard for all kids, especially during the Coronavirus, and even more especially for special needs kids! Help them learn the rules with a visual schedule.

  • Grocery bingo in spanish offers some simple vocabulary practice. Aim for a BINGO, or black out the whole board on longer trips. For a challenge, kids can count how many they find of each item.
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