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Picture checklist for after school screen time rules for kids The lists below are created using the Custom List. It is a special list that includes all 1500 clipart images from across the entire website. This allows you to create custom lists that can include images from the cleaning list, the chores list, the grocery list, and even the Bingo activity, all at the same time. You can also change the image at the top of the list to a choice of over 50 images. The Custom List can only be purchased with the purchase of all the other lists on the website. Below are some you can try for free!

You can create, edit, and save as many different custom lists as you want. Every list can be printed, used interactively on a mobile device, or turned into magnets or hook and loop pieces.

Using Your Lists

You can print your list, use it on a mobile device, or turn it into a magnetic or hook and loop chart. Choose from over 1500 pictures to make a morning routine, a chore chart, or any list you need. Click any picture to learn more.

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