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My daughter is 2 and 2 months. She's very independent and she has decided it is time to start potty training. We have printed out the potty training checklist and stuck it in the bathrooms at home. She loves looking at the pictures and looking what she has to do next. She even tells me what I need to do!! Another great list from The Trip Clip. --Claire

Potty training can be such a stressful thing for parents - especially if it's your first time through it! These checklists can really help you and your kids figure this out. 

A picture checklist is a great way to help your little one remember all the important steps while they learn this new, independent skill. Teaching proper hygiene right from the start can make a huge difference with instilling these good habits. You may also find the list itself is motivating to your child!

Knowing when and how to start potty training is a lot trickier. You can use these 9 steps, and also find more detailed information about how to know when you're child is ready, and how to potty train successfully, in this great article from Parents.com.

  • Teaches:
    • All the important steps
    • Hygiene
    • Independence

  • Potty training can be a stressful time - with these simple steps you can help your child learn this independent skill!

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