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Positive review from customer (Brenda) about using The Trip Clip in Hebrew

International Shipping

The Trip Clip® has been purchased by people from 65 different countries around the world. Although most International customers choose to purchase website access only, I have shipped clipboards and magnet boards to customers in Canada, England, Australia, India, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Puerto Rico, and most recently South Africa!

Making a Payment

The Trip Clip® uses PayPal for payment processing, which is available in almost all countries. You do not need a PayPal account in order to make a purchase from The Trip Clip® website. You can choose to pay with any credit card.

Shipping Costs

International shipping can often be quite expensive. You can always choose to purchase website access only, which doesn't require any shipping. Some customers have done that, and then purchased their own clipboard or magnetic materials locally to use in conjunction with the printable Trip Clip Activities. I wrote a blog post about how best to avoid international shipping costs.

If you are ok paying the shipping costs, I will be happy to ship your items to you! When you place an order, you will be able to see the shipping cost before completing the purchase. Depending on what you order and where you live, it is often around $20 US.

Shipping Times

International shipments usually arrive within about 2 weeks.

Because you can change the text next to the picture into anything you want, you can easily use many of The Trip Clip® activities in almost any language. Whether it's your family's native language, or you want some foreign language practice, The Trip Clip® is very versatile.

Lists & Bingo

All of The Trip Clip®'s picture checklists and Bingo boards can be used in a wide variety of languages. These are great for some simple vocabulary practice.

Word Search

You can enter any words you want, so why not try some vocabulary words in a foreign language? These are great for learning foreign words and how to spell them too. As added practice, have your child write in any missing accents!

Secret Message Puzzles

Make practicing another language fun by creating secret message puzzles.

Car Games

Practice a foreign language while running errands or on trips.

Examples of Languages

Here is the morning routine translated into 32 different languages to give you an idea of the breadth of the foreign lanugage support offered by The Trip Clip. If there is a language you need that isn't supported, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Using Your Lists

You can print your list, use it on a mobile device, or turn it into a magnetic or hook and loop chart. Choose from over 1800 pictures to make a morning routine, a chore chart, or any list you need. Click any picture to learn more.

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