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Health & Wellness activities for kids - fitness bingo, fitness challenge, healthy snacks, scavenger hut

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The Trip Clip® has a number of activities that can help promote healthy behavior.

  • Studies show that walking to school helps kids concentrate during the day. It also reduces traffic, is great exercise, and helps the environment! This bingo board is a great way to encourage them to walk! Try it with a kid-sized clipboard.

  • Get the whole family moving:
    • Use it to generate ideas
    • Aim for 5 in a row in one week
    • Try for a black out in a month, or see how many you can do, and beat it the next week
    • Make it a family affair and do these activities together

  • Have your kids keep track of their activities for a month and see how many times they can do each of these things. Learn about what kinds of activities they love and will keep doing. You can also set goals for them to help with motivation.

  • Get your kids moving with a scavenger hunt on the phone. Try things they're likely to see in your neighborhood, or set up a theme - see if they can find animals, or road signs, or even colors.

  • Help your kids make healthy snack choices by posting a list of things they like that are also healthy right on the fridge.

  • Set healthy eating goals for the whole family and use the checklsit to hold yourselves accountable. When you're successfully hitting the goals every week, set new goals that improve your eating habits even more!

  • Set some goals and then track how you do each day for a week. If you achieve a goal just one time in a week, celebrate, and then try for twice the next week. If you reach the goal for all 7 days in the week, you can set a new goal for the next week!

  • Teaches:
    • Independence
    • Nutrition
    • Simple food prep
    • Trying new things
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