Visual Supports & Picture Checklists for Kids with Special Needs
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Visual supports can help establish a routine.  Kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and other special needs will find it comforting to know exactly what's coming next. Visual schedules can also be used to teach a new skill by breaking it down into smaller steps and helping your child stay focused all the way through the task while they learn the right way to do it. Visual schedules can also be used to help kids communicate and regulate their behavior.

Try these as printable picture checklists or as interactive hook & loop boards. Learn about how to make your own picture clips and interactive boards.

Free Special Needs Checklists

You can try many of the lists and activities on this page for free right now.

Social Skills

Personal Care

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you don't care about customizing, I sell a PDF on Teachers Pay Teachers that includes the School Schedule To Do / Done board and 20 school day picture clips you can print and laminate.

Using Your Lists

You can print your list, use it on a mobile device, or turn it into a magnetic or hook and loop chart. Choose from over 1800 pictures to make a morning routine, a chore chart, or any list you need. Click any picture to learn more.

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