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The Trip Clip® has a lot to offer classroom teachers and home school parents from in-class worksheets to take home activities that all help encourage learning. For some pre-packaged activity books you can buy independently, find The Trip Clip® on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I also offer teachers and schools a discount! Individual teachers can get 30% off, and schools can get 75% off for bulk purchases. Learn more.

Reading Skills

  • Beginning letter sounds are an important stepping stone for beginning readers. These crossword puzzles help kids isolate those first letter sounds, and they'll feel like a big kid doing their first crossword puzzle!

  • Have kids find an item that begins with each letter. Your kids will be practicing first letter sounds, writing, and spelling!

  • Teaches:
    • Letter recognition. Make it with lower and upper case letters.
    • Automatically generate a different board for every kid in your class.
    • Make it harder by asking kids to write a word that starts with the letter.

  • Teaches:
    • Coloring inside the lines
    • Letter recognition
    • How to spell their name
    • Self expression

  • This is a super fun way to encourage kids to read. Challenge them to get a BINGO in any direction, or even wipe out the whole board. You can also easily edit this board with your own challenges. Read more

  • This is a super fun way to encourage kids to read. Challenge them to get a BINGO in any direction, or even wipe out the whole board. You can also easily edit this board with your own challenges. Read more

  • Encourage kids to broaden their horizons by asking them to read something from each genre.

  • A story retell helps kids organize and describe events to enhance reading comprehension. This picture checklist helps kids and teachers work through all the steps in a story retell. See Teachers Pay Teachers for the added writing template.

Writing & Spelling

  • Create word search spelling lists for each week of each year - 36 weeks per year! It's a great and fun way to help kids practice for a spelling test!

  • Kids can practice writing their letters and numbers, their name, their phone number, or anything you can think of! They can even practice writing in a foreign language.

  • Interacting with words in different contexts helps spelling words truly sink in. Play BINGO, trade boards between games, let the kids take turns calling out the words, have them spell the words out loud for some auditory reinforcement.

  • Beginner cryptograms teach:
    • Letter and number recognition
    • Writing
    • Pattern matching
    • Early reading
    Enter your own words to ensure the puzzles are at each child's reading and spelling level.

  • Teaches:
    • Reading skills at each child's reading level
    • Consider words from their spelling list
    • Talk to them about which letters are most common
    • Teach them to think about common combinations: TH, CH, QU, etc.
    • See more...

  • Crossword puzzles with picture clues are a great way for kids to practice spelling.

  • Kids will love making their own little book using these story templates. You can print them with a center dotted line, and with or without room for a picture

  • Teaches:
    • Hand eye coordination
    • Writing skills
    • Problem solving
    • Patience
    • Persistence
    • Memory

  • You can print your own themed coloring book! Over 750 pictures. Teaches:
    • Holding a writing utensil
    • Hand strength
    • Fine motor skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Focus
    • Creativity
    • more...

  • Drawing helps with handwriting by increasing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also lets all kids be creative, and the doodles often get them to draw things they might not otherwise.

  • Drawing helps with handwriting by increasing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also lets all kids be creative, and the clips often get them to draw things they might not otherwise. What do you think he's running from?

  • You can enter any text you want so your child can trace it, and they can even draw a picture for the gift giver. Your child will practice writing and get a good lesson in etiquette to boot!

Math & Science

  • Generate an unlimited number of math worksheets. Start at single digit addition, with or without carrying, and go all the way up to 5 digit division.

  • Teaches:
    • Grids
    • Plotting coordinates on a graph
    • Number lines

  • Teaches:
    • Number recognition/writing
    • Process of elimination and deduction
    • Basic computer programming algorithms
    • Extrapolation
    • Pattern recognition
    • Learn more

  • Secret Message Puzzles are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they're super fun, too! You can even write your own secret messages that are just the right reading level.

  • Teaches:
    • The scientific method
    • Predict which color you'll see most often
    • Record data for a week
    • Simple graphs will show the results
    • Make it global by inviting friends and family from other locales to do it too

Physical Education

  • Studies show that walking to school helps kids concentrate during the day. It also reduces traffic, is great exercise, and helps the environment! This bingo board is a great way to encourage them to walk! Try it with a kid-sized clipboard.

    • Generates ideas
    • Aim for 5 in a row in one week
    • Try for a black out in a month, or see how many you can do, and beat it the next week
    • Make it a family affair and do these activities together
    • More ideas

  • Have kids keep track of their activities for a month and see how many times they can do each of these things. Learn about what kinds of activities they love and will keep doing. You can also set goals for them to help with motivation.

  • Get kids moving with a scavenger hunt on the phone. Try things they're likely to see in your neighborhood, or set up a theme - see if they can find animals, or road signs, or even colors.

  • Get kids moving and double up on the goodness with a little science on the side! They can record data in a bar graph on their next walk. For added learning, have them predict ahead of time which items they will see the most often on their walk, and see what the data shows.

Screen Time

  • Teaches kids to:
    • Create digital media and presentations
    • Read news, do research, manage financial accounts, create reports
    • Communicate effectively across states, countries, even continents
    • See more

  • Most kids (and some adults!) will need strong reminders about how to be a good digital citizen. Print this out and post it next to the computer.

Classroom Management & Behavior

  • Make a picture checkist that helps kids visualize their schedule for the day.

  • This list is especially helpful for kids with special needs. It can help them know what's expected of them, and can also prepare them for any changes coming in their day.

  • A visual reminder of your expectations is an effective way to help kids remember.

  • You can remind students of what needs doing, or use this to assign jobs. Great for teaching responsibility.

  • Organize your classroom and empower your kids to do their part.

Hook & Loop Visual Aids

  • Make a hook and loop checklist to help kids know what is on their schedule for the day and visually keep track of their progress through the day.

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