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Printable travel activities: packing list, BINGO, mazes, word search, coloring, crosswords, license plates and more6x9 clipboard with attached pen and printable travel activities for kids on trips and errands.

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  • Each printable activity can be customized to make it harder or easier for your child
  • There are lots of learning opportunities in each of these activities
  • Use the Activity Book feature to print an endless number of activity pages
  • Get a kid-sized clipboard and 4-color click pen to make it easy to grab it and go.
  • Try some below for FREE!

Early Reading

  • Beginning letter sounds are an important stepping stone for beginning readers. These crossword puzzles help your kids isolate those first letter sounds, and they'll feel like a big kid doing their first crossword puzzle!

  • Have your child find an item that begins with each letter. Your kids will be practicing first letter sounds, writing, and spelling!

  • Teaches:
    • Find each letter on a sign. Try lower and upper case letters.
    • Make it harder by requiring it to be the first letter in the word.
    • Write it down for writing/spelling practice.
    • More ideas for older kids

  • Teaches:
    • Letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Road signs
    • Reading simple words
    • Observation

  • Teaches:
    • Letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Reading simple words
    • Observation

  • Teaches:
    • Coloring inside the lines
    • Letter recognition
    • How to spell their name
    • Self expression

Writing & Spelling

  • Teaches:
    • Think about your child's reading level
    • Consider words from their spelling list
    • Talk to them about which letters are most common
    • Teach them to think about common combinations: TH, CH, QU, etc.
    • See more...

  • Crossword puzzles with picture clues are a great way for kids to practice spelling.

  • Have your kids keep a travel journal. It can be as simple as a picture and a few lines of text each day.

  • Teaches:
    • Hand eye coordination
    • Writing skills
    • Problem solving
    • Patience
    • Persistence
    • Memory

  • Teaches:
    • Holding a writing utensil
    • Hand strength
    • Fine motor skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Focus
    • Creativity
    • more...

  • Drawing helps with handwriting by increasing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also lets all kids be creative, and the doodle starters often get them to draw things they might not otherwise.

  • Drawing helps with handwriting by increasing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also lets all kids be creative, and the clips often get them to draw things they might not otherwise.

  • Great for letter recognition, pattern matching, reading, and spelling. Make them easy or hard, or enter your own words! Try one with words all about your travel destination.

  • Beginner cryptograms teach:
    • Letter and number recognition
    • Writing
    • Pattern matching
    • Early reading
    Enter your own words to ensure it's at your child's reading level. You can even include information about your trip!

Math & Science

  • Teaches:
    • Grids
    • Plotting coordinates on a graph
    • Number lines

  • A road trip turns into a science experiment and graphing practice with this simple counting game. Make predictions ahead of time for which item you'll see most often!

  • Teaches:
    • The scientific method
    • Predict which color you'll see most often
    • Record data for a week
    • Simple graphs will show the results
    • Make it global by inviting friends and family from other locales to do it too

  • Teaches:
    • Number recognition/writing
    • Process of elimination and deduction
    • Basic computer programming algorithms
    • Extrapolation
    • Pattern recognition
    • Learn more

  • Practice deductive reasoning used in math, science, and computer programming. Make the puzzles easier or harder, and even enter your own secret messages. Try a few that teach your kids things about your travel destination.

Geography & Travel

  • Teaches:
    • Left vs right
    • Neighborhood geography and landmarks
    • Road signs and driving rules
    • North, south, east, and west

  • This game includes license plates for all 50 states, plus a labeled map of the US (or Canada) that will help your kids learn some geography.

  • Teaches:
    • Letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Reading simple words
    • Travel safety
    • Airport signs and navigation
    • See more

  • Teaches:
    • Rules of the road
    • Speed limits on side streets vs highways
    • How yield signs and center turn lanes work
    • White vs yellow vs brown vs green signs

  • For younger kids, make the list for them, and then have them collect their things to practice counting and organization. Let older kids make their own list and pack themselves - then check their work!

Foreign Languages

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