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There are lots of things that your kids won't learn in school that they need to know in order to survive on their own. Sometimes parents don't realize until their kids are in high school that there is limited time left to teach them things like how to sew on a button, how to find a good doctor, or how to call a cab.

You can print this convenient, 1-page chart for free to help keep track of which of these skills your kid has mastered.

You can also use the lists on this page (many of them for free) to get started early teaching your kids all the things they should be learning and practicing doing for themselves while you're still able to guide them.

Personal Care

Home Care

Life Management & Professional Skills


Pre-Made Packets

I made PDFs for some To Do / Done Boards and the most popular 20 picture clips for each, and I sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers. These are ready to print and use right away if you have your own hook & loop or magnet materials.

Using Your Lists

You can print your list, use it on a mobile device, or turn it into a magnetic or hook and loop chart. Choose from over 1500 pictures to make a morning routine, a chore chart, or any list you need. Click any picture to learn more.

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