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The Trip Clip® has been used successfully by occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other providers who work with kids. There are activities to help with reading skills, handwriting, executive functioning skills, and more.

The Trip Clip® can be used by one provider for multiple clients (up to 30). You can print as many lists or activities as you want, and you can give the printed pages to your clients. You can even make a mobile list and share your login information with up to 30 clients so they can use the mobile list at home.

Alternatively, The Trip Clip® can be purchased by one client and then shared with that client’s providers (up to 10). Those providers, however, cannot then use the same account for other clients. If they want to share The Trip Clip® with their other clients, they need to make their own purchase.

You can try many of the activities and lists below for free.

Hook & Loop Boards

Kids with Special Needs often do very well with hook & loop boards that can be easily changed to match the current circumstances

Social Skills

Personal Care

Daily Routines

Writing & Spelling

Reading Skills

Teachers Pay Teachers

I sell some to do / done board packets with picture clips on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The Trip Clip® - Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, After School Checklist, Chore Chart, Picture Grocery List, Mazes, Car Bingo, Travel Activities, & More
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