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Morning Routine
Get organized with this drag and drop morning routine checklist. The pictures make it easy for big and little kids to know what needs to be done next. And you will stop being a drill sergeant shouting out orders!

4.66   32 customer reviews

Bedtime Routine
Easily create a customized bedtime routine checklist. Consistency at bedtime can make it smoother and more calming for everyone.

4.52   27 customer reviews

After School Checklist
Get everyone organized with a weekly after school chart. It empowers your kids and can even help parents keep track of a kid's busy schedule!

4.62   26 customer reviews

Chore Chart
A chore list makes it very clear what expectations are! Make one that's just right for your family.

4.69   32 customer reviews

Grocery List
Grocery shopping with kids is so much easier if you give them a picture list of their own! You may be surprised how much your kids can actually help.

4.94   18 customer reviews

Custom List
Checklists can be a great way to keep track of tasks, let your kids know what your expectations are, or even teach them how to do something. The only limit is your imagination with this custom checklist maker.

4.43   7 customer reviews

This airport bingo board is a great way to fill the time between security and boarding the plane. This is one of my kids' favorites Trip Clip Activities. You can even edit the board, and print a new one for each trip. Try it with a kid clipboard from!

4.4   5 customer reviews

If your child can't ever get enough mazes, try these printable mazes that are generated automatically at all skill levels. Unlimited mazes!

5   9 customer reviews

Letter Tracing
Handwriting practice for the whole alphabet and all the numbers at! You can even enter your own words for your child to trace - try their name, address, and telephone number!

4.6   5 customer reviews

Word Search
5x5 or 15x15, you choose the difficulty. You can generate an unlimited number of puzzles with this word search maker.

4.75   8 customer reviews

Math Practice
From single digit addition all the way through 5 digit division, you can challenge your kids at their level.

4.75   4 customer reviews

Coloring Pages
Over 500 printable coloring pages. You can print your own coloring book!

4.75   4 customer reviews

Magnetic Checklist
Find out how capable your kids are with this Magnetic Checklist from The Trip Clip. Perfect for setting up a morning routine, an after school checklist, a bedtime routine, or a chore chart. You can even easily print your own magnets!

5   2 customer reviews

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles with picture clues turn into great spelling practice! Find a great selection on

5   2 customer reviews

Packing List
Never forget anything ever again! With these simple picture checklists your kids can even do their own packing.

5   6 customer reviews

Design a License Plate
Easily print a custom license plate with your child's name on it. They will love decorating it and making it their own!

3.25   4 customer reviews

Cleaning Checklists
Got a kid who won't clean their room? They may honestly not know how! Try teaching them how by breaking down the job into manageable steps with this room cleaning checklist.

5   1 customer reviews

Dots and Boxes
Connect the dots to make boxes before your opponent does. This classic game will do a great job keeping your kids entertained on road trips, plane trips, at restaurants - anyplace you travel!

5   1 customer reviews

Count On It
A scavenger hunt for any occasion. Spot items from the car window, at a sibling's basketball game, at a restaurant - surprisingly fun for the whole family.

5   1 customer reviews

These printable hangman templates are a great way to keep your kids entertained anywhere you go. The printed alphabet makes it easier for younger players to see what letters they haven't tried yet.

4   1 customer reviews

As fun as the board game with no little pieces! This printable, two-player pen and paper Battleship game is very fun, and will keep your kids entertained for a surprisingly long time!

5   2 customer reviews

Lunch Box Checklist
Teach your child to pack a healthy lunch all by themselves! This easy to use drag and drop tool lets you make a custom Lunch Box Checklist that matches your child’s tastes and your refrigerator’s contents.

5   2 customer reviews

School Schedule
This visual school schedule is great for home schoolers and for kids with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, and other special needs. It helps them know what to expect from their school day.

5   3 customer reviews

Potty Training Checklist
Help ensure good habits with this handy potty training checklist!

4   2 customer reviews

Driving Directions
Keep your child busy in the car by letting them give you directions and track your progress.

5   2 customer reviews

Product Reviews - Leave Your Own Review

The Trip Clip® Bundle
Lots of printable activities for kids - picture checklists to keep them on track, activities for at the grocery store, in the car, on a plane, at a restaurant, even for your home schooling adventures. Optional kid-sized clipboard and 4-color pen make it easy to use the activities on the go.

5   1 customer reviews

Magnet Bundle
Find out how capable your kids are with this Magnetic Checklist from The Trip Clip. Perfect for setting up a morning routine, an after school checklist, a bedtime routine, or a chore chart. You can even easily print your own magnets!

4.33   3 customer reviews

Magnet Packs
20 most popular magnets for making a magnetic checklist for kids. You can buy them pre-printed, or go to and print your own!

4.5   2 customer reviews

Blog Reviews

These reviews are from mom bloggers and home schoolers who used The Trip Clip® with their own kids.

Pick It Up Home Organizing
September 14, 2018

"The Trip Clip offers morning, bedtime and after-school routines, lunch and packing lists, and chore charts, just to name a few. What's really cool is that you get to choose the icons and the wording for each list you create. " (full review)

Teach Mama
April 8, 2011

"I throw them in my bag when I need to entertain two kids on the sidelines while one is playing soccer, I'll print out a grocery list while I'm grocery shopping so that whoever is with me can shop along, or I'll bring them along when I have a short meeting and the kids have to sit quietly for 10 minutes or so. I totally and completely love them." (full review)

Creative With Kids Creative With Kids
Feb 12, 2012

"I find it fairly exhausting to shop with three kids, but it's the way I shop 90% of the time. Giving the boys a clip board with a list of things to help me find has improved ALL of our outlooks about it. I think it helps them feel independent and important." (full review)

The Activity Mom The Activity Mom
Oct 16, 2012

"We've used our Trip Clips at the grocery store, in the car, at the restaurant, and even at home. It makes waiting and traveling SO much easier!" (full review)

The Purposeful Mom The Purposeful Mom
May 31, 2012

"I honestly love this product and would absolutely recommended it, either as a gift or to have for your own children. It would be especially nice for kids who often go on shopping trips with mom or dad and for families who frequently travel long distances." (full review)

Pulling Curls Pulling Curls
Feb 17, 2015

"You can make your own lists, of things you want done, and put them on your very own tiny clipboard that is kid sized. Print as many as you need, use them day after day (or laminate and use a wipe-off marker)." (full review)

Creative With Kids Creative With Kids
May 1, 2013

"I never regret it when I take the time to print the kids personalized lists. It keeps them on target at the store and gives them reading practice too." (full review)

Moms Encouraging Moms Moms Encouraging Moms
Feb 16, 2013

"Here are some photos of my little one being crazy-happy about cleaning my house (I almost feel evil). She is asking me to play the clipboard game all of the time! 'Oh, OK Honey, we can play again. Mommy needs the bedrooms cleaned.'" (full review)

The Homeschool Classroom The Homeschool Classroom
Feb 7, 2012

"I asked her several times if she was enjoying it, and she gave it high praises. I was glad that she was able to have a fun activity that kept her busy in a different way than video games normally do during our trips." (full review)

Rockabye Butterfly
May 15, 2011

"The boards are a 6x9 size, such a perfect size for little hands. They are SO sturdy and strong, and the clip seems to be unbreakable with the kid-abuse it's been through already." (full review)

Red Tricycle
April 14, 2011

"My daughter loves that you can change the colors on the pen... and loves coloring on the pages. I also really liked the fact that most of the worksheets are educational." (full review)

coahbutton Confessions of a Homeschooler
Feb 27, 2011

"The kids love their new Trip Clips and every time we get in the car the first thing they do is reach for their clipboards!" (full review)

Yesterday On Tuesday
Nov 15, 2010

"A present with limitless possibilities that doesn't require batteries" (full review)

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